The Biopsy to remove the lymph node


Well this was a very scary day for both myself and my family. I was having to have an operation to remove one of my lymph nodes, which would have to be carried out under general anaesthetic, which I was so frightened about as  I had to have a general anaesthetic before when I was younger and I remember feeling myself pass out which was horrible, and I really didn't want to go through that again, but I knew I had to to get answers. I had no other choice. The operation was carried out at the day surgery unit in the hospital, so at least I was able to go home afterwards. 

I also had to get a camera down my throat to check that there was nothing going on in my stomach that shouldn't be. I was so scared about this as I hate the thought of a tube going down your throat so thankfully the surgeon was kind enough to perform the procedure at the same time as he was removing the lymph node so I wouldn't feel a thing.

In the moment that I was about to be taken into theatre I no longer felt like a 23 year old, but I felt like a little girl again, who just wanted her mum. I remember bursting into tears as I was so scared, but thankfully the nurses were so lovely that they tried to calm me down and told me it was all going to be okay. Thankfully this time I didn't feel myself pass out, all I can remember was the anaesthetist putting a solution into my hand and next thing I was waking up in the recovery room with a large enough bandage over my neck. At least I got some toast haha.

I was told that they had'n't found anything strange going on in my stomach which was good and that I would have to have my stitches removed in 7 days. I was dreading this as I have never had stitches removed before so I was frightened encase it would hurt. I also was dreading having to look underneath the bandage as I didn't know how big the scar actually was. All I could think about was great I am going to have a massive scar on my neck on my wedding day. 

The 7 days where up, and it was time to have the stitches removed. This was also the same day I was finding out about my diagnosis. My consultant had to end up taking out my stitches as the surgeon had done them so tight that none of the nurses had seen it done that way before except for my consultant. It actually didn't hurt that much it was just nippy and the scar didn't look as bad as I thought it would. 

I have to thank my surgeon because the way he had done the stitches meant that my scar would heal very well. 4 months on and I can barely see it. I am for ever grateful to the surgeon for making sure my neck would heal the best it could. You could tell the surgeon generally cared. 

Picture taken when I woke up from the surgery