Blood tests 


When I first went to see my Hematology consultant I was told that I would have to get a range of blood tests carried out that day so they can see if my lymph nodes were swollen due to some type of infection. My consultant is amazing, he really made me feel at ease, trying to make me laugh and to stay positive. He helped everything seem that little bit less scarier. 

I absolutely hate needles, as I am sure most of us do. This was the worst blood test I had ever had to have done as they had to take quite a lot of samples so they could cover everything. My consultant told me that they would be looking for every infection known to man haha. I remember my arm going numb and starting to turn a funny colour because they had to have the turn key on for a good amount of time to get enough samples of blood. The relieve I had after they removed it I could not described.

I had to wait about a week to get the results of the blood tests, I was hoping they would find something that would mean it wasn't the worst. That week waiting was awful, I remember constantly watching my phone every 5 minutes praying for that phone call to come through. Finally it did and I was told that they could not  find anything that would explain my swollen lymph nodes. I have to be honest I was gutted they hadn't, as now I was starting to really worry that this could be Lymphoma. 

The next test would be the core needle biopsy to see what they could find in a tissue sample of the lymph node. All i could think was great another test, I just wanted someone to tell me what was wrong, but I know these things take time.