Egg Collection


Egg collection day was scary. I didn't know what to expect. My fiance was able to go along with me and be in the procedure room while the egg collection was being carried out. I was given morphine for the pain and gas and air.

The process involved a probe with a long needle attached to it, which is inserted into the vagina and the needle is passed through the vagina wall into each ovary to extract the eggs. The procedure itself was not that painful, just uncomfortable and maybe stingy at some points. Getting the morphine was more painful due to the injection in the hand. The good thing about this procedure is that you are told how many eggs have been collected as the doctor is collecting them, you are not waiting for results.

After the procedure you are taken to a recovery room to let the effects of the morphine wear off and for you to recover. There is some bleeding for a few hours afterwards and I had some cramps, but apart from that everything was fine.

I really am so glad I went through with the fertility treatment as at least I know it had worked and it is there for me when I am ready to use.  

Picture taken in the recovery room after the egg collection procedure