My hair regrowth journey so far 


I was lucky that my hair seemed to still grow throughout treatment. Yes it slowed down and maybe stopped at times, but my roots kept on growing.  I used different hair products on my hair to try and help my hair to grow, so I am not sure if that played apart in keeping my hair growing. After my treatment finished on the 26th June 2020, my hair has quickly thickened. I have all these baby hairs coming through. Some are even sticking up on my head at the minute. It is an amazing feeling to see your hair growing back. So hold in there if you are going through a similar situation, it will come back. My hair is growing back the same as my natural hair before, which is a light brown. It has even started to develop a shine to it again. Throughout treatment my hair looked so dry with no shine. 

While my hair started to grow back my scalp was so sore, this occurred during losing my hair throughout treatment as well. My scalp was also very itchy. Thankfully 10 weeks later the sore and itchy scalp has stopped. 

I was lucky not to lose my eyebrows or eyelashes,  they actually kept growing too. I used an eyelash growth serum which i really do think helped. 

Before treatment: Half way through: Finished Treatment hair growth
Before treatment: Half way through: Finished Treatment hair growth

I used Nioxin shampoo and conditioner throughout my treatment. I really do think it reduced the thinning of my hair. It is really refreshing when you put it onto your scalp and it has a sort of minty smell to it. It is quite expensive but I do think it is worth it. 

I am using Lee Stafford Hair Growth leave in treatment and the Lee Stafford Hair Apology 10 in 1 treatment spray. It helps repair damage hair and makes it come back to life again. 

Goldwell Scalp Specialist is amazing if you have a sore and itchy scalp. It also helps fight hair loss. The soothing lotion is amazing . As soon as you put it on your scalp, it immediately cools the scalp and the pain starts to ease. 

This Brow and Lash growth serum is amazing. My lashes got really long from using this, and that was while I was going through treatment.