My Lymph Nodes that saved my Life


 The 23rd July 2019 was the day i knew there was something seriously wrong...

I was sitting with my friends at lunch when I rubbed my neck, and to my horror I felt 2 large lumps on the left side just above my collar bone.  Fear suddenly washed over me as I had never felt these before, they were not there that morning. Getting through work the rest of that day was a nightmare. I remember ringing my mum crying not knowing what to do. Little did i know this was only the start of a long road ahead. 

The next day i went to the doctors who told me they were my supraclavicular lymph nodes. As i read up on google which please do not do as you can diagnosis yourself with anything. Anyway I had read that these nodes are usually associated with malignancy which just caused me to panic more. The doctor advised to wait 2 weeks to see if they would disappear as most of the time swollen lymph nodes are just your body fighting an infection and is normal. So please don't panic if you notice a swollen lymph node, wait a couple of days to see if they shrink, at the most leave it for 2 weeks. If they are not away by then get them checked out it might save your life.

Waiting these two weeks was shocking. The not knowing if you are okay or not is far worse than knowing the truth. I was so anxious and frightened I ended up in hospital having a full blown panic attack. Thought i was going to die it was awful. 

The two weeks were up and so I went back to the doctors. I was then referred to have an ultrasound on my neck and also referred to the haematology department to see a consultant who specialises in blood disorders. It is here where i have to thank my GP for referring me, as if they hadn't and let me go home goodness knows what condition I would be in now.