What is ABVD?


ABVD includes 4 drugs:

A- Doxorubicin

B- Bleomycin

V- Vinblastine

D- Dacarbazine 

ABVD is given through the bloodstream by injection or drip. It usually takes around an hour and a half to be completed. Doxorubicin can cause heart issues so it is always important to tell your doctor if you are experiencing any heart issues. After my 4th round of ABVD I received the amazing news that I was in remission. For the 8 remaining rounds Bleomycin was removed so I am now receiving AVD. This is because Bleomycin can cause damage to your lungs if too much is given. Before I started chemotherapy I had to have a heart scan and my lungs checked to make sure they were in good condition to receive ABVD.