The ultrasound performed on my Neck


The first test I had performed was an ultrasound on my neck to see what my Lymph nodes looked like. This was performed at hospital. I was so nervous. The doctor who performed the ultrasound could of been a bit more sympathetic, he didn't even say hello. So that made my nerves 10 times worse. The only thing he told me was that they were larger than they should be and that i needed further tests. So really I was't any better off. I remember coming out of the ultrasound room crying to my mum as I just wanted answers. 

I had an appointment then with a hematology consultant about the results of my ultrasound as he was sent pictures of my Lymph nodes in my neck. He told me that they looked normal and they didn't have a black hole like feature that they would normally see within a malignant lymph node, however because they were still very enlarged I would need to have a core needle biopsy procedure carried out to collect some tissue samples from the lymph node to see what they could find as he still couldn't rule out Hodgkins Lymphoma. Thank goodness he requested this biopsy. Hodgkins Lymphoma can only be confirmed from a biopsy, blood samples can not tell if you have it or not.

Waiting for these tests and their results is very hard to deal with. I would at least of had to wait a week to get a test carried out, sometimes it was nearly a month, then maybe up to another week to get the results. My consultant was amazing as he red flagged me to get these tests done as quick as possible, so imagine how long I may of had to wait if he hadn't. 

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