The Injections


For around 2 weeks fertility treatment entails many injections every day. At one point I was having to take 3 injections a day. One injection is to stimulate the ovaries to produce more follicles so that I produce more mature eggs than the 1 that is naturally produced every month.  Another one is used to stop me releasing these eggs in ovulation and the other is a blood thinner to stop any clots forming. 

I hate needles as most of us do, so I had to get my dad to administer them. The blood thinner was the worst as it left a horrible stinging feeling afterwards. My tummy ended up with bruises all over due to the amount of injection marks left. As your ovaries are being made to produce more mature eggs, this causes your ovaries to get a lot larger than normal and so this caused me to have tummy cramps and my belly to swell quite badly. One injection is administrated into the leg and the other 2 have to be administrated in the stomach.

I then had to have one other injection at the end of the two weeks which causes my ovaries to release the eggs. My egg collection then had to be planned to be carried out at a certain time and if it wasn't carried out within this time frame the eggs would be lost. 

I was so relieved when egg collection day came and I was able to stop taking all the injections. I was really getting fed up having to go through the pain of administrating them, especially as every day that went past got worst due to the amount of bruises on my tummy. I was running out of spaces to put the next injection. 

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