The Ultrasounds and Blood Tests 


Throughout the 2 weeks running up to my egg collection, I had to travel up many times, sometimes daily, to the royal fertility treatment where I had blood tests carried out and ultrasounds to check how my eggs were developing. As I was having to get blood tests carried out every day I ended up with bruised veins. One time my vein completely collapsed and the doctor had to spend ages trying to get another vein to work. My veins were so sore, and my arm was blue with all the bruises. 

I had to get ultrasounds carried out to check that the injections were working. The first one was so embarrassing as I had to let a doctor use a probe to check inside my vagina. Literally I left my dignity at the door haha. My doctor and nurse was so supportive and made me feel at ease, that after every time it was less embarrassing. I had to remember that the doctor does this all the time. It is normal procedure. The ultrasound was not painful, just uncomfortable at times. 

The weird thing is I haven't had time to think wow I have been through fertility treatment as I had my eggs collected on a Monday, and that Friday I was having my first ABVD treatment. My body is amazing, I never thought I was this strong, having gone through fertility treatment and also cancer treatment. 

Picture of me waiting to have an ultrasound carried out at the fertility clinic