My Treatment For Lymphoma

There are many different treatments for Hodgkins Lymphoma.

The treatment I am on is ABVD, which is a type of chemotherapy. I have to have 12 rounds of ABVD, which is 6 cycles. 2 rounds for every cycle. After each round you have a 2 week break to allow your immune system to build up to a safe level to be hit again. This is because ABVD kills the good and bad cells, so it attacks your good immune cells as well, killing them, so these need time to recover. I was told that during chemotherapy if anything was to kill me it would be an infection not Hodgkins as my immune system would not be able to fight the infection off. This is why blood cancer patients are at high risk of serious illness from COVID 19. 


Every treatment of ABVD i look forward too as I know I am one more treatment closer to the finish line. However I also dread it as I will be feeling sick for at least a week afterwards. I sometimes get fed up with having to feel horrible every two weeks, and the thing is I have no other...

What is ABVD?


ABVD is given through the bloodstream by injection or drip. It usually takes around an hour and a half to be completed. Doxorubicin can cause heart issues so it is always important to tell your doctor if you are experiencing any heart issues. After my 4th round of ABVD I received the amazing news that I was in remission....